Our Mission

ArtPod is an internationally focused gUG-Gemeinnützige Unternehmergesellschaft (German nonprofit) organization that promotes accessible, direct and unconventional interaction between contemporary art and a wide range of audiences. By producing group exhibitions, programming and consultancy with upcoming and established artists, ArtPod seeks to engage visitors in a supportive, relaxed environment that fosters open-ended dialogue, imaginative exploration, and hands-on play. By reigniting the relationship between education and the art experience, ArtPod aims to support and develop the visitor’s creative voice.


Vision: Beyond Participation

ArtPod’s ultimate vision is contained within its very name: to present contemporary art in a nurturing, accessible environment that plants a creative seed, or “pod,” for every visitor, regardless of experience, background or age. Based on the belief that art should be approachable for everyone rather than just for the few, ArtPod seeks to open up the traditional, institutional art presentation by breaking down barriers between non-art and art audiences. Whether curating mobile exhibitions series, developing hands-on education programs or providing consultation for pre-existing art spaces, the organization aims to engage its audience beyond participation: to foster, in other words, the budding life of art after the museum doors close.

Overall, ArtPod strives to find a common platform where audience can interact with art; to establish a supportive atmosphere that encourages unrestricted, imaginative dialogue; and to rethink the typical formal art presentation, where visitors stand motionless in front of roped-off paintings or sculptures, unable to touch, play or physically respond.

For more information email us at artpodinfo@gmail.com