Our team

Laurie De Chiara (Co-Founder and Director) was born in New York City. She has lived in Berlin since 2001. She is currently an independent curator with an MA degree in Contemporary Arts / Arts Management from New York University. Early in her career she worked in various art spaces and museums, including the Children's Museum of Manhattan, designing and developing exhibitions. From 1997 to 2002 she was the owner/director of the De Chiara|Stewart Gallery in New York City and from 2001 to 2006 she owned müllerdechiara in Berlin. Of late she has worked as a curator for exhibits at the Sølyst Art Center in Denmark, Kunstverein Göttingen and several private galleries in the US and Europe.

Contact: artpodinfo@gmail.com

Stefan Saffer (Creative Director) was born in Forchheim, Germany. He received his Meisterschueler from the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg in 1996 and an MA from Goldsmiths University in London in 1998. He has had stipends for projects in Krakow, New York City and London. After studying he attended the Bauhaus Kolleg in Dessau in 2003 and the Whitney ISP Program in New York in 2004. Saffer is an actively practicing artist, and his work includes paper-cuts, installations and social engagement. From 1996-2005 he was one of the founding members of the PublicWorks group in London, an art and architecture collaborative. His works have been shown at the ICA, London, Lenbachhaus, Munich, Galerie Barbara Gross, and the Andrea Rosen Gallery. He has additionally had solo exhibitions with Kate MacGarry London, müllerdechiara, and the Villa Grisebach Gallery, Berlin.

Contact: www.stefansaffer.com

Dustin Schenk born in Kassel, Germany he is "ArtPod`s Universal Tool" wearing many hats. Dustin works across media as an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, educator or craftsmen. His studio practice ranges from painting to building robots and outside he has been active in the street art scene for 20 years.  He has worked for the Framework Programme of Documenta since 2001, as an artist assistant and arthandler. He is known to pop up where he needs to be, living where he works, including Berlin, Hamburg, Madrid, New York.


Anne Hector (Communications Coordinator) grew up in Dresden and has been interested in art since childhood. After studying German and Slavic Languages and Literatures in Leipzig and the USA, she is now working in Berlin as a lecturer, editor and translator. She has published reviews for films and novels as well as interviews with artists. For Artpod she talked to artists about their work, wrote texts and translated oral interviews and written documents.